Some Thoughts on ConveyUX 2017

It's been 48 hours since I returned from ConveyUX in Seattle, and I'm still filled with so much inspiration and energy from my week with new friends and colleagues. As a university administrator, writer, and librarian, I'm obsessed with process, storytelling, and hooking people up with the best resources possible. It comes as no surprise then that sometime during the opening panel discussion I realized that I'd found my tribe in the UX community.

Advocating for the patron is nothing new in librarianship. From collection development to technical services, librarians evangelize about discovery and access. We are the original information architects and keepers of collective knowledge. Librarians rule. But where our practice falls short - the user experience community offers elegant solutions to evaluate and evolve our programs, products, and service models. 

I could go on and on about the fantastic sessions that I attended. (Everyone responsible for websites in libraries should be required to attend a content auditing workshop with Hilary Marsh, or listen to Kate O'Neill wax poetic on the power of place and metaphor in creating meaningful digital and physical spaces.)

Instead, here are a few choice jewels that I collected from my week at ConveyUX:

We are in the publishing business if we have a website. Period.
— Hilary Marsh, President and Chief Strategist of Content Company
If you are not involving real people [in research and product development], then all you are doing is shipping out opinions and best guesses.
— Utkarsh Seth, UX Researcher, Google
Privacy policies are regret management tools.
— Amber Case, author of Calm Technology, Design for the Next Generation of Devices
Home is the place where you are most empowered to control your experiences.
— Kate O'Neill, Experience Strategy Consultant, KO Insights
Inclusive design means starting from the edges. You don’t optimize for top use cases.
— Michael Gough, Chief Design Officer at Microsoft
Hope is why, when your ship sinks in the middle of the ocean, you tread water. Hope is a pre-condition for improving your situation.
— Cory Doctorow, science fiction writer, activist, and co-editor of Boing Boing

It was my first UX conference, but it certainly won't be my last. I'm looking forward to giving a talk to my team at Emory about all of the goodness I took home from the Emerald City this week, and am excited to be an advocate for design thinking in my institution. ConveyUX 2018, anyone?

 Getting WAY too excited about this nifty orange badge.

Getting WAY too excited about this nifty orange badge.